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Barcelona Selected Week Stage Mountain Bike

Posted on June 20, 2018 by Manel Ibars

stage barcelona mountain bike manel ibars

The surroundings of Barcelona hide a great number of high standard Downhill circuits, as well as many excellent areas for training and enjoying the best Downhill Mountain Bike riding.

Manel Ibars Academy offers high quality Stages in all inclusive rural accommodation. With us, enjoying your favourite sport becomes an amazing experience. These Stages are ideal for groups of friends, clubs, teams, runners or federations.

All transfers are included in the price, besides accommodation, meals training, drag lifts, continuous foodstuff supply, lessons, and more and more downhill riding. The circuits are located no farther than one hour journey in our vans.

Besides, we have an excellent meteorology throughout the year, ideal in autumn, winter and spring. Come here to spend an unforgettable week while practising your favourite sport every day with the highest technical support. We offer the best spots in the surroundings of Barcelona, with a wide variety of choice for different skill levels.

We arrange daily training, accommodation, all transfers and meals for groups of 6 to 12 bikers, all inclusive. We pick you up and take you back to your return flight at the airport, or to the most convenient place for you. We have rural accommodation with all facilities available for the whole group. Our daily training is specifically designed according to your personal motivation, levels and needs. This way, we will enjoy DH Mountain Bike riding in its all magnitude in a Stage with the highest technical quality.

You will meet a qualified team committed to your skills improvement and comfort, with talks, sessions and professional level training. You will also be able to choose the language of your convenience: English or Spanish. You will live an amazing experience and you will end up with a higher skills level after our masterclasses.

For more information on dates availability, prices and further details, contact: manelibars@gmail.com

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